Beautiful Bible Gifts for Charity

Beautiful books that celebrate your faith, while donating to charity

Every order from Willow

Every order
from Willow
Feeds 10 people
Plants 8 trees
Protects 1 child from malariaProtects 1 child
The Complete Collection

All 22 books, especially curated as a perfect gift for the Christmas Season

The Book of Psalms

Beautiful poetry that recounts God's covenant promises

The Gospels Collection

All four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John in one beautiful set

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord

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"Like all of Willow's books, Psalms is completely stunning!"

Elizaeth B.

"I'm absolutely in love with Willow's mission to help others 💗"

Carrie S.

"Love how perfectly the photographs capture the message"

Jane R.

"Amazing gift. She loves the book and the charities!"

Tom S.

Helping those in need

Every order helps spread our faith and saves lives, donating over $20 per order to support food banks, children exposed to malaria and the environment

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