We are a group of passionate and creative individuals who are working on our mission to share the message of God through beautifully illustrated books and gifts. 


Charity is at the heart of our business

Every Willow order helps to support our charity partners and we seek to implement ethical practice across every area of the business. From being transparent with our customers and suppliers to ensuring that our team members are being treated fairly at all times. We are also constantly trying to reduce our carbon footprint by streamlining processes, minimising waste, and donating to offset carbon emissions from all our deliveries.

Everybody has a voice

We are looking for partners who aren't afraid to speak up and voice their opinion. At Willow we value creative input, and seek to make a culture that is judgement-free, where we can all discuss our ideas - no matter how silly they may seem. We want everyone to excel in their roles, and that means giving each other the space and support to be creative. 

If you think you'd be a good fit, then we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at

Every order from Willow

Every order
from Willow
Feeds 10 people
Plants 8 trees
Protects 1 child from malariaProtects 1 child

Feeding America

Giving Green Fund

Malaria Consortium

The examples above are based on an average order value and are true on average over all orders. The exact amount donated for any given order will depend on the exact items in the order, the cost of those items individually, marketing expenses incurred in acquiring the order and any discounts given to the customer. Taking these factors into account and Willow's commitment to donate 50% of profits to charity, the examples above are all correct on average based on our most recent customer data.