Alabaster vs Willow - Why We Donate More

Like Alabaster, we create beautiful bibles that help us explore our relationship with God through thoughtful design. But at Willow, we believe that spreading faith should be about helping others, not just making money.

That's why we donate 20 times more than Alabaster Co from every order to charity. 

book of Songs of Songs and the book of mark. Beautiful bibles

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Support Charity, Not Just Profit

We exist to make a difference in the world. Our bibles are thoughtfully designed and beautiful, but they're also a lot more than that - they make a real difference to other people's lives.

An average order from Willow feeds 10 Americans that are living in poverty, plants 8 trees and protects 1 child from malaria. 

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*Estimates above based on Alabaster Co's reporting that in 2020, it had donated 10,000 meals to Feeding America (the equivalent of an approximately $5,000 donation). Up to this point, Alabaster reported having made $800,000 in sales, resulting in a charitable donation rate of only 0.6% of revenue. Willow donates over $20 per order to charity, which is around 26x more than Alabaster

Every order from Willow

Every order
from Willow
Feeds 10 people
Plants 8 trees
Protects 1 child from malariaProtects 1 child

Feeding America

Giving Green Fund

Malaria Consortium

The examples above are based on an average order value and are true on average over all orders. The exact amount donated for any given order will depend on the exact items in the order, the cost of those items individually, marketing expenses incurred in acquiring the order and any discounts given to the customer. Taking these factors into account and Willow's commitment to donate 50% of profits to charity, the examples above are all correct on average based on our most recent customer data.